Myanmar ICT Statistics

Myanmar ICT Statistics

  • Introduction to Myanmar
  • Politics & Economics
  • Our Aim
  • Infrastructure of Telecom and IT
  • e-Government
  • ICT Course for secondary school will be started in 2012-13 Academic Year
  • ICT HRD (2011-12)Students intakes
  • Opportunities for ASSOCIO Members
  • Opportunities in Myanmar
  • ICT Industry


Introduction to Myanmar

Point of Strategic Importance  : Located in the northwest of the Indochina Peninsular in Southeast Asia ,Myanmar is bordered by China ,India and ASEAN countries.

Area(sq km) - 676,552km2

Capital City - Naypyidaw

Population - 6o million

Languages - Myanmar

Climate - Tropical Monsoon

Monetary Unit - Kyat

Internet domain - mm




Politics & Economics


Is Myanmar really Changing?

The answer is "Yes"



Improved democratic practices

Balancing of the three branches of power is systematically developing

Good working relations between all the stakeholders

Freedom of Media

Sanction lifted or suspended



Improved Legal Framework

Improving the Infrastructure

Creating conducive environment for Foreign Investment

Privatization and Liberalization


Our Aim


Focus Area : What Myanmar is aiming for?


Infrastructure of Telecom and IT


Present Status :Infrastructure of Telecom and IT

Indicators 2012
Population(in millions) 60M+
Mobile operator 1
Mobile subscribers ~3M
Mobile Internet users(2G,3G) ~250K
Tele-density 5.6%
Internet Service Providers 2
Broadband Internet Subscribers ~60K +
Internet Users ~600K +
Internet Capacity(Total Bandwidth of International) 14G





Present Status :e-Government


ICT Course for secondary school will be started in 2012-13 Academic Year


Present Status :e-Government


ICT HRD (2011-12)Students intakes


Present Status :ICT HRD 

(2011-2012) Students intakes


25 Computer Universities and colleges in throughout Myanmar

Type BC.Sc B.C.Tech Total
Bachelor 21103 5495 26588
Honors 8447 1826 10273
Master 2337 535 2872
Ph.D 178 54 232
Total 32065 7900 39965
The CODE Project for UCSY & UCSM will be started in 2012-2013 Academic year.
Private training institutions also provide certificate,un-graduate ,post graduate courses.



Opportunities for ASSOCIO Members


"Can create Opportunities for ASSOCIO Members?"

"The Answer is YES."

"There are many opportunities for members but there are also challenges has to overcome."


Opportunities in Myanmar


Myanmar Attractiveness

  • Strategically Located between China,India & ASEAN
  • Aignificant Market of 60 Million People
  • Young and Dynamic Work Force
  • Untouched Natural Environment and Historical Significance for Tourism
  • Agricultural Fertile Lands
  • Natural Resources

Changes in Strategic Elements

  • New Democratic Govemment
  • Dedicated ,Open Minded and People Oriented Head of State & Influential Public Leader working together
  • Significant Improvements in Intemational Legitiacy
  • Commitment to ASWAN (AFTA,AEC,ASEAN Chair,SEA games,etc)
  • So I hope that this presentation make the members to have better understanding of opportunities in Myanmar.



ICT Industry


Present Status :ICT Industry

Region State Companies
Yangon Region 357
Mandalay Region 82
Sagaing Region 37
Shan State 26
Ayeyarwady Region 16
Mon State 46
Total 554
Type of Business  
Training 62
Software 63
Trading 10
Computer Books 2
Web & Internet Service 8
Network & Maintenance Service 5
Hardware 207
Total 357
Pc Penetration 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Remark
Population 55.4 56.5 57 59.13 60  
Desktops 258,000 276,000 300,000 327,000 210,000  
Notebooks 172,000 184,000 200,000 218,000 390,000  
Total number of PCs 430,000 460,000 500,000 545,000 600,000  
English Chinese (Simplified) German Japanese Korean Malay Thai

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